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User Experience-Centered Packaging Design

For brands, creating a good user experience has become a fundamental pillar and more and more companies are betting on creating an innovative and emotional packaging design.

Packaging is the first impression of a product and the initial connection with the consumer. This understanding has led to an increasingly meticulous approach to packaging care, seeking not only to wrap a product, but to create a rewarding experience that becomes a good memory.

The Importance of User-Centered Design

1. Sensory Experience: The sense of smell has an extraordinary power to evoke memories and emotions. Incorporar un aroma agradable y coherente con el producto puede potenciar la user experience y ser un componente distintivo que se queda en la memoria del consumidor.

Touch is an underestimated but powerful sense. The choice of materials, textures and finishes not only influences the appearance of the packaging, but also the tactile experience of the consumer. Soft surfaces, tactile reliefs and high quality materials reinforce the product’s perceived value and contribute to a deeper emotional connection.

2. “Unboxing” y la Emoción de Descubrir: The unboxing process goes beyond simply opening a box. The “unboxing” experience is increasingly gaining momentum, an experience that generates excitement and anticipation through cleverly structured packaging, surprise details, personalization and carefully designed presentations that contribute to an experience that goes above and beyond.

3. Emotional Connection: More and more consumers are looking for products that align with their emotions and aspirations. Choosing visual elements that resonate with the consumer’s values and brand story contributes to a deeper and longer lasting relationship.

4. Personalization: Personalized packaging to conquer each consumer, attracting their attention and making the product design stand out from the rest. Personalization transforms packaging into a tailored experience, creating a unique connection between the brand and the consumer.

5. Sustainability and Responsibility: Today, sustainability is more than a trend, using sustainable materials, reducing excess packaging and communicating responsible practices is not only ethical but also a key aspect of user-centered design.

In conclusion, user-centered user-centered design goes beyond aesthetics; it is an opportunity to captivate, excite and connect. By considering smell, sensory experience, unboxing, personalization and emotional connection, a design is created that not only wraps a product, but also envelops the consumer in a unique and memorable experience.

Influence of i-mas: OCTANE

From the department of product design departmentwe have designed OCTANE, a unique and exclusive project designed for lovers of two wheels.

OCTANE is a fragrance that replicates the grip and braking of the motorcycle, making it a collector’s item. This product combines the best in design, technology and engineering to create a unique perfume experience.

At i-mas we create packaging that reflects the quality and values of the brands, prioritizing aesthetics, ergonomics and sustainability to offer a complete user experience.

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