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i-mas and ADI-FAD, together to promote innovation in industrial design

At i-mas, we are excited about building links with organisations that share our passion and commitment to a better world. We are driven by the desire to transform society through innovation and industrial design, and thus promote a more sustainable and harmonious future. In these times, we believe that there is strength in numbers and we are inspired by the possibility of joining forces with other professionals in the sector to achieve common goals and carry out projects that transcend our own borders.

Following our conviction that collaboration is the path to innovation, we at I-MAS are proud to announce our partnership with the Industrial Design Association, ADI-FAD. Together, we will seek to foster creativity and progress in the world of industrial design, working on initiatives that span education, research and the promotion of advanced digital tools.

ADI-FAD, as a non-profit organisation, shares our commitment to excellence in industrial design and the need to develop and expand this discipline. This collaboration is a testament to our mutual desire to promote the talent and tradition of industrial design in the territory, while boosting the quality of the sector nationally and internationally.

i-mas will bring its extensive experience in advanced technologies for industrial design, and we will offer digital tools and solutions to improve design and production processes. In addition, together with ADI-FAD, we will work on training and research initiatives to promote innovation and quality in industrial design.

We are excited about the possibility of advancing excellence in industrial design through the use of advanced technologies, and believe that this partnership will be an important step in consolidating the country’s leadership in this field.