A unique perfume experience

Designed for motorcycle enthusiasts and everything that surrounds them.

Introducing Octane Fragrances, a unique and exclusive project designed for motorcycle enthusiasts. OCTANE is a fragrance that replicates the grip and brake of your motorcycle, turning it into a collector’s item.


From prototype to final production

Our design process is a collaborative one. From the initial prototype to the final production assembly, we work with our clients to ensure that the design of their product is functional and of high quality.


Designing prototypes and adapting them for production

The product design process began with a prototype of the product. After approval of this initial prototype, we created two more prototypes to ensure that the design was suitable for production. We adapted the design to meet the specifications of our suppliers, and then conducted paint and mold manufacturing tests before moving on to functional and volumetric testing.

Final product

A unique perfume experience

This product combines the best in design, technology, and engineering to create a unique perfume experience. Additionally, we have taken great care in designing its packaging. Each fragrance is presented in an elegant black box designed to store the perfume and two refills of 38 ml each. We’ve also designed the packaging for individual refills that you can purchase to try out different fragrances.