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RIGA, LATVIA - MARCH 29, 2017: 3d printer printing. New printing technology.

Product Design and Additive Manufacturing: Innovation in 3D Printing

In product design, additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has revolutionized the way objects are designed and produced, opening new opportunities for creativity, efficiency, and customization in product design.

In this article, we will explore how product design and additive manufacturing merge to drive innovation in 3D.

The 3D Printing Revolution in Product Design

Additive manufacturing has radically transformed the way products are manufactured. Instead of removing material from a solid block, as is done in traditional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing builds objects layer by layer from powder, liquid, or filament material. This allows for unprecedented design freedom, as designers can create shapes, textures, and complex structures that would be impossible to achieve with conventional methods.

  • Rapid prototyping

With 3D printing, designers can create prototypes in a matter of hours, allowing them to test and improve their designs quickly and efficiently. This capability not only helps reduce product development times but also allows designers to refine their products before moving to the final production stage.

3D Printing
  • Customization

One of the greatest strengths of additive manufacturing is its ability for mass customization. With 3D printing, each product can be unique and tailored to the specific needs of each user.

  • Efficiency and Sustainability

By eliminating the need for expensive tooling and moulds, 3D printing can reduce production costs and shorten delivery times. In addition, by using only the exact amount of material needed to create an object, additive manufacturing minimises waste and reduces environmental impact.

Influence of i-mas

In our product design and development department in Barcelona, we produce high-quality pieces using the advanced facilities of PROTO&GO!, the prototyping division of grupo i-mas, where we offer prototyping services with technologies such as CNC machining, silicone molds, and 3D printing.

Our commitment is to provide the best service for prototype development, both for internal projects and for anyone needing to materialize their pieces and prototypes.

Through our online platform, we offer easy and efficient access to our 3D printing parts service!

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