An intelligent ice bucket

Lightcube is an interactive and smart ice bucket that connects VIP area users in nightclubs with other customers and with the waitstaff.

Nightclub VIP booths enjoy an interactive experience thanks to the ice bucket that allows them to take 360º photos, chat with other tables, and even order a drink from the bartender.


Developing an innovative product that revolutionizes the user experience in VIP areas of nightclubs.

With the aesthetic design presented by the Propelland agency, the I-MAS team carried out the development, mechanics, UX/UI, prototyping, and support in industrialization.

Our client, Pernod Ricard, needed the product to be innovative to offer a VIP experience in nightclubs or entertainment venues.


Designing a product that offers faster service by ordering directly from the table, taking 360º photos, and interacting with other tables.

I-MAS designed an innovative and connected ice bucket that provides a unique experience for VIP area customers in nightclubs. This ice bucket features smart and interactive technology that allows users to connect with each other and with waitstaff, thus improving the quality of service in the venue. Additionally,Thanks to its lighting system, the ice bucket changes color when the customer requests a drink, which facilitates the work of the staff and streamlines the ordering process. The design of this ice bucket represents a true revolution in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Final product

The bucket comes equipped with a removable ice container, LED lights, a 360º camera, Wi-Fi access, and a 7'' touchscreen.

The final product aims to entertain the user and turn their night into a unique experience. Thanks to LightCube, nightclubs have faster service, as orders come directly from the tables, without the waiter having to move. Additionally, it offers other services to customers such as 360º photos to interact with friendsor with nearby tables.