Turn Your Wi-Fi Smarter

WIPASS is an innovative wireless and portable electronic device that enables quick and easy access to the Wi-Fi network of your home or business.

Simply by bringing your mobile phone close to the device, the WIPASS application automatically communicates to provide you with connection to the previously configured Wi-Fi network.


All starts with a tap

The WIPASS project stems from the idea of a startup that presented us with a challenge: to develop a device that would provide compact, wireless, and battery-free Wi-Fi.


Customize the experience to your needs

Our design team created two prototypes to offer different versions of the final product: a compact version of the device with an injection-molded plastic base and a soft-touch silicone outer cover, designed for mass production, and a premium version with an ecological concept composed of a wooden base.

Final product

Wireless, without batteries

WIPASS is an electronic device that allows access to the Wi-Fi network of the home or establishment where it is located. When you bring your mobile phone close, the device communicates with the WIPASS app and provides you with connection to the previously configured network. The gadget is wireless, portable, and does not contain batteries; it does not need to be charged as it harnesses the energy of the mobile phone itself.