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Accessories for the Volava spinning bike

The Volava bicycle has particular characteristics that require the design and development of special accessories for it.

It is an innovative product that connects to your trainer and other pre-established programmes. Thanks to its large-sized screen, the user can train from home as if they were in a face-to-face class.


Offering the most innovative and distinctive accessories on the market for a stationary bike.

Our goal was to achieve an accessory pack for our client’s stationary bike that has the necessary distinctive features to make it the most innovative product on the market. We had the base product and boundless creativity to design everything needed to make Volava the best stationary bike in the sector.


Developing and producing various accessories that integrate technology, ergonomics, and design to achieve a distinctive product.

The team started with the design of a project with different elements. The developed accessories varied, ranging from a weight rack, a bottle holder, and a mobile screen holder to the instruction manual that explained the operation of all products.

Final product

A set of innovative accessories that complement and differentiate Volava from the rest of the market.

The i-mas team has carried out the product design, from the conceptual phase to the development of the prototype. We’ve been responsible for manufacturing the parts, thus achieving an excellent and high-quality result. The accessories come with an instruction manual crafted by the graphic design team.

Volava Bike accessories Bicicleta
Volava Bike accessories Bottle holder
Volava Bike accessories Bottle holder
Volava Bike accessories Bicycle
Volava Bike accessories Bottle holder
Volava Bike accessories Weights