TotalTrack VLM

The definitive solution for airway management

TotalTrack VLM is the first device that allows simultaneous ventilation and intubation with continuous patient visualization, representing a significant advancement in medical care.


Innovation and Safety

To develop an innovative device that revolutionizes airway management, enabling simultaneous ventilation and intubation with continuous patient visualization via screen display, offering safety, efficiency, and comfort for healthcare professionals and patients.


Innovation with a Medical Focus

To create a medical device that would be versatile, disposable and single-use, facilitating planned or unexpected interventions in patients with difficult airways. The aim was to develop a device offering ventilation, intubation and extubation, integrating advanced technologies and considering the ergonomic needs of the users. At all times we were advised by a doctorate in the field in order to arrive at a safe and guaranteed product. This process included extensive testing on real patients to ensure the safety and efficacy of the device in critical situations.

Final product

Definitive solution for airway management

This device incorporates a monitoring system and a camera. Videotrack The reusable device provides continuous visualisation of the patient during ventilation and intubation, as well as during extubation. Its design allows these interventions to be performed with one operator, who can be positioned in any position relative to the patient, which is useful in emergency or trauma situations.