A new model of iron

Simon is a new conceptual design for a clothes iron that aims to simplify day-to-day household chores.

It’s a small household appliance designed to make ironing clothes easier at home. A small, easy-to-use, comfortable product that can be easily stored since it takes up little space.


Develop a definitive conceptual design intended for the European market for an Asian client.

The product team at i-mas set out to create a series of conceptual designs and develop the definitive form of a new iron model for sale in Europe. Following the requirements and needs of the Asian manufacturer, their challenge was to achieve a distinctive product in a competitive market.


Market analysis, trends, and competition review to define the specifications of the small household appliance.

An exhaustive market study was conducted, including analysis of different competitors and key trends. After obtaining the results, various sketches, renders, and conceptual designs were developed, and after a thorough analysis, the final model was obtained.

Final product

A manageable product, with a conceptual aesthetic, ergonomic, and adapted to market needs.

Thanks to the entire analytical process and the various designs developed, a manageable and aesthetic household appliance was obtained, which met all market specifications and followed the current trends. A product was designed that fit perfectly in the European market for commercialization.

Iron Simon
Iron Simon
Iron Simon
Iron Simon