Smart Trash Can

Qube is a project that combines design, electronics, and other technologies in a smart and sustainable trash can. It is a product developed entirely by i-mas, including the electronics and software. It features a 4.3 inch display, LED indicators, removable battery and odour filter. The development is based on its functionality, sustainability, and technology.


Develop a smart trash can that incorporates the necessary technologies and, at the same time, features an aesthetic and conceptual design. 

The objective of this project was to develop a trash can that, in addition to its basic functions, could have control over user waste and recycling using WiFi technology and a dedicated application.


Made with stainless steel, an anti-fingerprint system, and illuminated display so that QUBE fits properly in various kitchens.

The chosen material for developing QUBE is stainless steel, a durable and elegant material. In its interior, it has a system to extract, store, and count the bags from its buckets. It is activated by approaching the hand, although it also has an unlocking option to keep it open for as long as necessary.

Final product

A smart trash can that comes with an application to control waste or answer recycling queries.

A practical and functional design that facilitates recycling tasks for users. Thanks to the waste control application included, we can consider a wide range of options when recycling a product or material.

Qube - Recycling Cube Display
Qube - Recycling Cube
Qube - Recycling Cube