Air Purifier

PurificAir is a compact, touch-sensitive, portable, and filter-less air purifier that purifies and cleans the air using technology harmless to humans.

This product uses patented technology, inspired by nature, that generates hydroxyl radicals through the reaction of ultraviolet light with the Hydroxigel released by the inserted cartridge.


A compact and efficient product that is easy to manufacture, simple to assemble, and above all, comfortable to use.

The goal of our team was to create a compact and silent air purifier that eliminates 99% of existing viruses and bacteria. This product aims to help prevent the spread of viruses and improve the health of users.


The integrated lighting design of the product indicates the different states it is in.

It is a product with a geometric design that highlights the dynamic, efficient, and innovative qualities of the product. Proto&Go! has been responsible for producing the prototypes of the casing through 3D printing and CNC machining.

Final product

An air purification system that improves the quality of the environment and eliminates viruses in the room's atmosphere.

The result is an air purifier that utilizes patented technology whereby the generated radicals are propelled into the room, where they initiate a chain reaction that neutralizes airborne pathogens.

Purificair Bestair

The supplier of parts and prototypes Proto&Go!  has provided the production of prototypes,  both through 3D printing for initial testing, and CNC machining f or pre-series like the casing, which is made of  ABS painted with RAL 9003 tone