Pure Airbox

Air Purifier

Pure Airbox Home “S” is a powerful portable air purification unit designed for indoor spaces. This product stands out for being the quietest and most efficient on the market, in addition to having an attractive and minimalist aesthetic and conceptual design. Its attractive sensory experience exemplifies the powerful air purification process that this device performs.


To manufacture a striking and immersive product that offers a sensory experience through the air purification process.

The i-mas team set out to develop a portable air purification product suitable for indoor use. They also set the challenge of making this project the most efficient and quietest device available on the market.


A simple interface operated through a touchscreen that regulates the intensity and duration of use

Pure Airbox surprises with a striking and immersive chromatic display, where the intensity of the blue light simulates the path of the purified air. An attractive sensory experience that perfectly exemplifies the air purification process performed by this powerful device. Its interface is simple and activated through the glass on the top, turning it into an interaction screen for the user to regulate the intensity and duration of use.

Final product

A project that represents practicality, creativity, and comfort at the service of health and well-being

We managed to develop a product with an attractive and functional design featuring an intuitive and touch-sensitive interface, along with technological precision, mobility, and adaptability. A silent and efficient air purifier that provides a special sensory experience. Pure Airbox Home “S” represents practicality, creativity and comfort at the service of health and well-being.

Pure Airbox Home S
Pure Airbox Home S