Fall protection guards for your motorcycle

Pelacrash are protections for your motorcycle that safeguard its various parts and components from falls.

These protectors are made with nylon to make them elastic and resistant to impacts. It’s a product that stood out in the automotive sector and had great success in sales.


Protecting the key parts and components of the motorcycle without altering the original aesthetics of the vehicle

Our design team proposed a product that, while not neglecting the importance of the sporty image of motorcycles, is capable of offering protection to the most exposed parts in a fall. A challenging project and a product that, at that time, no one had yet been able to design and launch into the market.


Developing a notable and durable product so that, in case of a fall, there is a distance between fairings and the ground

Taking into account the client’s specifications and the identified market needs, the product design team set out to develop a visually striking and durable product, thanks to the chosen material for manufacturing. Once the product was designed, we moved on to the prototype development stage to verify its functionality.

Final product

A product with top-notch aesthetics, capable of continually adapting to the market, and effectively fulfilling its function of protecting the motorcycle

As a result, we achieved an ergonomic, durable design that, most importantly for our client, is aesthetically appealing. We obtained a product that didn’t require drilling the fairing to install it onto the vehicle and, above all, maintained the original aesthetics of the motorcycle. Without a doubt, it’s a product that revolutionized the market.

Pelacrash Drop protection
Pelacrash Drop protection
Pelacrash Drop protection
Pelacrash Drop protection