Remote Control

The NEWATT remote control is designed to operate electric radiators of the same brand.

It’s an intelligent electronic control that regulates the power corresponding to the radiation that maintains the temperature at the setpoint, optimizing consumption and maximizing comfort.


Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing remote control to operate NEWATT thermal emitters.

We developed electric radiators for our client, and to control the various functions of these devices, they proposed designing a remote control as a complementary product.


Development of a prototype with a timeless, simple design that aligns with its complementary product.

Several prototype proposals were made to find the right design. One of the prototypes was made with the final materials to test both mechanical and electronic functionality.

Final product

A complement for NEWATT radiators to control and manage all product functions.

A remote control that complements Newatt’s thermal emitters, with a timeless and simple design, in line with the complementary product. One of its functions is to handle the multiple color combinations between the main panel and the profiles forming its perimeter frame.

Newatt Mando Radiators
Newatt Mando Radiators