The most innovative electric radiators

Newatt is a range of electric radiators that utilize the electrical resistance of Newcore gel, applied directly onto porcelain or reflective material to generate heat. This special gel allows for increased product performance, consuming fewer resources and optimizing space to the maximum.


Attaining a product that operates using the electrical resistance of Newcore gel to generate heat

The client presented us with a very challenging project, which involves the design and development of a range of electric radiators that use a gel applied directly onto reflective material as the electrical resistance. This technique increases the performance of the radiator and optimises its space.


We designed a heater with thermal emitters that is controlled by a remote control and can be combined with other heaters.

This range of thermal emitters is based on smart power. The total power of the equipment is divided into 50% power assigned to radiation and 50% to convection, both of which operate independently. The two power levels work together so that the room reaches the ideal temperature.

Final product

A product that emits radiant heat without drying out the environment and without causing air currents

The final product uses less energy because when the room reaches the right temperature, the radiator reduces its power by 50% to maintain stability. Furthermore, the thermal emitters can be controlled via a remote control, allowing for different colors to be combined between the main panel and the profiles of the perimeter frame.

Newatt Radiators
Newatt Radiators