The device for modern dermatology 

meesma is an innovative device specially designed for the dermatology sector. This tool enables precise visualization of skin blemishes on the face, invisible to the human eye, to detect any health risks in advance.


Combining portability, innovation, and ergonomic design into one device.

For the product design team, it was a challenge to develop a device that would solve and help the dermatology sector take a step forward. The goal was to design a functional, portable, and easy-to-use product. Additionally, this innovative device had to be 100% compatible with Apple devices, both tablets and mobile phones..


To design and collaborate closely with the client, ensuring an excellent user experience.

The product design team
at I-MAS has
collaborated closely with the client from its initial design, enhancing it aesthetically and ergonomically to perfect the user experience. Once the new design was accepted, I-MAS carried out the product development up to the industrialization phase.

Final product

This innovative product offers dermatology professionals greater versatility

The result is a 3-in-1 product
that combines vertical and X polarized filters
, as well as UV technology, into a single device. Moreover, the intuitive and comfortable ergonomics of the device, along with its handle for easy transport and handling, make it a standout choice for dermatology professionals.