Mediterrània ID

Instant Oil Machine

This is a machine that extracts the oil from the olive paste on the spot, regardless of the season of the year.

The aim of this product is to allow the user to extract the oil from the first pressing whenever desired. Once the olives are harvested, crushed and ready for the press, they are frozen so that they are ready for instant extraction.


To achieve a machine that can extract the oil when the user wants it.

Our client trusted us to develop a machine for both professional and domestic use, which could extract the oil from the olive paste instantly. A challenge to bring to the market an elegant, useful and user-friendly machine.


Combining cutting-edge design and electronics so that the product performs its function no matter what the moment

The initial phase of the project involved the design and development of the machine and the electronic system created to make it work. In order to achieve the desired result, multiple trials and tests were carried out, as well as prototypes and first designs, and finally support was provided for the final industrialisation.

Final product

A machine that instantly extracts oil from olives and other ingredients that, when pressed, can extract special oils.

After numerous tests and several prototypes, the final design was arrived at: a functional and modern machine, suitable for both domestic and professional use.

In addition, we made it possible to add other ingredients at the time of pressing to obtain special customised oils. A small revolution in the gastronomic field of the moment.

Mediterrània ID Instant oil machine
Mediterrània ID Instant Oil Machine
Mediterrània ID Instant oil machine