A designed electrode holder

An electrode holder handle with a design that is quick and easy to assemble, elegant and functional.

It is a complex project that combines the aesthetics of a product for the healthcare sector with the difficulty of incorporating all the internal electronics needed to exchange the different electrodes quickly and safely.


To make a medical product that is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time has the necessary internal electronics.

The i-mas team had a challenging project ahead of them, to design an ergonomic handle with all the necessary technology to make it comfortable and functional to carry the MEDESTEC electrode. They took into account all the client’s guidelines and were involved in the process at all times.


Design and develop a handle for the electrode holder with the technology necessary for the product to function properly.

It was important to know how the device works in order to know first-hand what technology needed to be implemented in the handle so that the exchange of the different electrodes could take place quickly and safely.

Final product

The result is an ergonomic, functional product with an innovative and contemporary design.

The different areas of the company worked together to achieve an innovative, ergonomic and contemporary product that met the customer’s specifications and also improved the usability of the device for which it was designed.

Medestec electrode holders
Medestec electrode holders
Medestec electrode holders
Medestec electrode holders
Medestec electrode holders