Kyubi System

Packet detection system

The package detection system offers comprehensive tracking solutions in the consumer industry.

Kyubi System has been designed and developed to optimally integrate our customer’s technology including RFID tracking. A product that improves logistics planning and inventory management to make it more agile and expeditious.


Create a device that detects packets within its read radius and provides instant tracking.

The challenge for the i-mas team was to design a package detection system for Kyubi System that included the necessary technology and RFID tracking to improve and facilitate the collection and interpretation of data.


Design of a device consisting of a box and two removable side antennas for improved range

The product includes RFID tracking that is capable of storing, reading, decoding and transmitting the information collected from the antennas and tags in a database to software for further interpretation.

Final product

A system that offers the best logistical and agile solution for a demanding consumer industry

Our client’s parcel detection system includes RFID solutions for all sectors, regardless of their business activity. All included RFID readers are 100% compatible with the following systems cloud o ERP and adapt to a previous installation.

Kyubi System Comercial ARQUE
Kyubi System Comercial ARQUE
Kyubi System Comercial ARQUE
Kyubi System Comercial ARQUE