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de viviendas construidas con el sistema industrializado I-MAS

Industrialized construction solutions, the new way of building.

On May 25th, i-mas visited Construmat at the Gran Vía venue of Fira de Barcelona in L’Hospitalet. An excellent congress with a proven capacity to impact and drive the latest market solutions for more sustainable construction. A space to discover the latest materials, techniques, services, and systems for low-emission construction, as well as solutions for the digitalization and industrialization of construction processes that are already being successfully applied in the market.

We attended a fascinating roundtable dedicated to exploring a new paradigm in the construction sector: its industrialization. Under the title of “Industrialized Construction Solutions,” we had the privilege of listening to prominent professionals, including Montse Pujol Torrent, CEO of Grupo PMP, owner of the Prêt-à-porter casas and àParts brands, who dissected this innovative concept and emphasized the need to change our way of doing things. According to her words, “the future of construction depends on industrialization.” To achieve this, we must adapt both our mindset and current regulations in order to accelerate the implementation of the innovative ideas that have been presented.

Sustainability and reducing carbon footprint have become essential aspects that we must incorporate into our manufacturing processes. Industrialized construction technologies and processes have emerged strongly and are here to stay. However, to make the most of its benefits, a global mindset change is necessary. Both professionals in the sector and authorities must be willing to adapt and promote appropriate regulations to encourage the implementation of this new way of construction with industrialized construction solutions.

To illustrate this new concept, several projects were presented, one of them being the one presented by Montse Pujol Torrent as “new concepts in living homes and buildings,” a very special project for manufacturing customized homes in which the various areas of specialization of I-MAS have actively participated in the entire design and development process. A close collaboration with the specialized turnkey industrialized construction line, Prêt-à-porter casas.

The initial concept of the project began to find a new way of building. Faster, more economical, and sustainable, with a high-quality result, and above all, customizable. Thinking of a different way than it has been done so far and moving away from the pre-established concept of prefabricated houses. At I-MAS, we conceptualize and design the entire industrialization process for the construction of the customizable interiors of each of the houses manufactured at Prêt-à-porter casas. Not only can the exterior of the houses be customized, but now also their interior.

Our product design and development department has made a significant improvement by conceiving the modular design of the interiors, effectively transforming a craftsmanship process into one that is highly industrializable and automatable. Likewise, our engineering team has played a fundamental role in designing and developing the complete automation required for the manufacturing of these modules. Through a synergistic collaboration, we have successfully implemented all the customized functionalities and finishes of the interiors of homes built with our industrialized system, leveraging a state-of-the-art and fully automated industrial environment.

A new industrial format in the construction sector, making manufacturing smarter, more flexible, and automated, utilizing all resources of operations. A faster way, with higher quality, and economizing human resources, focusing on what a machine is not capable of doing.