Access control and scheduling

ID SENSE is a time attendance, access control, and presence terminal that uses a capacitive fingerprint reader or proximity cards.

Its operation can be either in real-time or deferred. The models include a micro-camera that activates when swiping the card. The power source can be either internal or through an Ethernet network cable.


Design a control terminal suitable for use in different spaces such as offices, showrooms, receptions, or security rooms.

Our client tasked us with designing a device that would manage schedules and access, while also being aesthetically pleasing and discreet. The project required two different versions, depending on the reading technology used. The project featured an option with control through a capacitive fingerprint reader and another with a card reader.


A market study was conducted to define the product specifications, as well as the conceptual and aesthetic design.

During the project development, a market study, trends analysis, and competitive analysis were conducted, which helped the i-mas team to define the product specifications, as well as its aesthetic and conceptual design. We conducted the product development and engineering, as well as the manufacturing of fully functional prototypes.

Final product

A product capable of performing time management, access control, and presence monitoring, functioning both in real-time and deferred modes.

We successfully developed functional prototypes, and at i-mas, we provided support for the industrialization and homologation of the product, as well as its usage instructions. The design of this product adhered to the client’s specifications, and additionally, the possibility of adding Wi-Fi network capability was incorporated as an extra tool in its operation. 

IDsense Fingerprinting
IDsense Fingerprinting