Hydroponic Garden

Grow freshness with your hydroponic garden!

Design of a vertical gardening system with multiple levels for home use, intended for cultivating vegetables, plants, or hydroponic crops.

It offers a new technology for growing plants with a water-based system where soil is replaced by a water circuit to which the user adds nutrients.


Minimum space, maximum cultivation

Creating a home garden with optimized dimensions to use it as an appliance. With the smallest possible space, achieve maximum plant cultivation without interference in their growth.


Sustainable design for immortal plants.

The design of an aluminum casing was proposed to make it recyclable and/or reusable. Unlike other single-level crops, a three-level structure was devised to provide adequate space for each plant to grow without interruptions. Internally, the circuit features a constant circular path that evenly distributes water. The unique feature of this hydroponic garden is that its reservoirs are designed to never run out, makingit easy to use and maintain. For this purpose, it features a submersible pump in the lower reservoir that pumps water to the upper reservoir. Once there, the water flows slowly through the rest of the reservoirs, thus completing the cycle.

Final product

An elegant design that is environmentally conscious

We managed to design an elegant and functional product based on the client’s requirements, designing a product that is environmentally conscious and allowing the garden to enable plants to grow and develop freely.

Materials: Biodegradable plastic, wood, and aluminum.

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