A foldable seat that transforms into a cart.

“The multi-purpose hammock has a very distinctive feature, as it can transform into a cart for transporting objects when folded. .

In addition to providing a comfortable seat for resting, it features two integrated wheels that allow it to be transformed into a practical cart for transporting the product and other items. This unique functionality makes the multi-purpose hammock an ideal option for those seeking a versatile and practical solution for their transportation and resting needs.


Crafting a hammock that can be comfortably transported across different terrains

The design team at i-mas faced a significant challenge in developing a foldable hammock that is easy to transport. The addition of wheels to the product was one of the first solutions considered; however, these wheels had to be capable of handling different types of terrains, such as beach sand, grass, gravel, asphalt, among others.


Designing two versions of the product to offer different options and conveniences to the customer

The designers at i-mas presented two design proposals to the client for the multi-purpose hammock. The first one was a traditional hammock, designed for the user to lie down with their legs stretched out. The second one, on the other hand, was a chair-style version. Both designs featured wheels and the folding option to facilitate the transportation of the product.

Final product

A final product that is ergonomic, easy to transport, and above all, very comfortable.

The final result is a 2-in-1 product that combines the comfort and stability of a hammock for resting with the ease and versatility of a cart for transporting utensils. These features make it a unique product in the market, thanks to the conveniences it offers to users.

Sun chair
Sun chair
Sun chair
Sun chair