Ecological mop bucket

ECOFREGO is an innovative mop bucket that saves up to 50% of resources by not mixing used water with clean water for mopping.

The design produced by i-mas has two drainers and two different compartments, the clean water falls directly into the larger part which forms the base of the bucket. On the other hand, the used product remains separate in another compartment.


Turning a household utensil into a more sustainable and innovative product

Our client’s challenge was to transform an everyday utensil into a more sustainable and innovative product. In this particular case, it was the design of a mop bucket that would allow the efficient separation of clean and dirty water, with the purpose of making this task easier and contributing to a more efficient use of resources. To achieve this, we thought of a strategy based on the creation of separate compartments within the cube, but at the same time, The equilibrium would be stable as one compartment filled and the other emptied.


Develop the product with more resistant materials that guarantee a long and efficient service life.

The composition of the product consists of two colanders and two compartments, one of which is larger and serves as the base of the ECOFREGO. The structure we have designed is characterised by its great balance, which is achieved by arranging the two compartments symmetrically and optimises space. The dirty water compartment, on the other hand, is located on the upper side of the main clean water basin, thus creating a harmonious whole and guaranteeing the correct separation of both types of water.

Final product

We obtain an innovative, sustainable product that receives several nominations for its design.

ECOFREGO is presented as an innovative product, not only for its attractive design, but also for its great efficiency in the use of resources, reducing water consumption by 50%. The success of this product was reflected in its recognition with the prestigious Delta Prize 2009, awarded by the Association of Industrial Designers ADI/FAD, and also by its nomination for the German Design Awards, which is evidence of its value as an innovative solution in the market.

Ecofrego DELTA