A baby feeding tool

didobaby is the tool that facilitates babies’ autonomous transition to food intake, including fruit sachets, liquid yoghurt and tetrabriks.

didobaby stands out for its exceptional versatility, as when turned upside down it can be used with juice pouches and tetrabriks with straws, providing a complete solution for infant feeding.


Ergonomics and Product Design

For the product design team, it was a challenge to create a product that was not only ergonomic and safe for babies, but also stood out for its design innovation.

Our aim is that the aesthetics of the product should be similar to that of a toy, with the handles in the shape of arms, as if it were a doll. We seek to achieve an original, modern, soft, clear and fun image.


We work to develop products that meet your needs.

i-mas has played a key role in the development of didobaby. We worked on creating a clear and powerful aesthetic that would convey key values such as attractiveness, ergonomics and quality.

We consider the aesthetic language of the sector and ergonomic needs, as well as the technical requirements of product manufacture.

Final product

Brilliant Design for Perfect Feeding

didobaby fulfils its main function as a container that encourages babies to start eating on their own.

Its handles have been meticulously designed to fit precisely in baby’s little hands, making sucking easier and ensuring a comfortable feeding experience. In addition, the rounded shapes in the areas of contact with the baby’s face ensure safety and well-being.