A silencer for the hair dryer

DAGA is a silencer for professional hair dryers that reduces the sound emitted by the airflow intake in the device.

This product, designed by i-mas, reduces sound by 3.5 dB compared to the previous model. Thanks to this, the use of the dryer is much more pleasant for the user and the sound produced is less annoying.


Develop a silencer for a hairdryer that emits less decibels at the airflow inlet.

The i-mas team carried out a thorough and detailed analysis of the existing competition in the market and the trends that governed it at the time. This was necessary in order to define the precise specifications of the product, as well as its conceptualisation and aesthetics. Similarly, consideration had to be given to those features that would distinguish Daga from other products already on the market.


Creation of several fully functional prototypes to compare noise between different product versions.

We began by working on the basis of an existing product, which, while possessing certain valuable qualities, needed some improvement. We then proceeded to design and develop a series of fully functional prototypes in order to test them extensively and determine which of them were best suited to the specific needs of our client.

Final product

A silencer for the hair dryer that emits 3.5 dB less than the previous version of the product.

We have carried out the development of a silencer that is effectively incorporated into the hairdryer, thus considerably reducing the noise level produced by the incoming air flow by about 3.5 dB. This innovative design offers the potential to significantly reduce the discomfort experienced by the user, providing a more comfortable experience during use.


Initial design vs. i-mas design