Capacitive fingerprint reader

This fingerprint reader is capable of quickly and reliably controlling and verifying access and schedules in real-time and deferred.

This is a project for a consulting and engineering client who was looking for a conceptual, aesthetic design with specific features to record and verify entries and exits in their company.


Designing a product for control and registration, but considering aesthetics and conceptualization.

The i-mas team had the challenge of designing a product that would assist the client with real-time and deferred schedule management. In addition, the design included the development of software that would allow for quick and accurate control of employee access to the company during their working hours.


A product development that includes all aspects of engineering, manufacturing, prototyping, and system certification.

Elegante y conceptual diseño de CS TIME, y además, se desarrolló el software de control horario para los empleados más potente, eficaz y avanzado del mercado, permitiendo gestionar en tiempo real los horarios laborales de las PYMES.

Final product

A product developed to verify and control access and schedules, following the client's specifications.

The final product result, including software, has been designed and developed to improve companies’ productivity and profitability. Real-time and deferred time control helps reduce absenteeism, promote punctuality, and prevent labor conflicts.

CS Time Lector de huella
CS Time Lector de huella
CS Time Lector de huella