Ceramic Dental Colors

This device was designed to meet the needs of a company in the dentistry sector. Its main function is to assist in the treatment to achieve the appropriate coloration of the different dental pieces. The device is specifically designed for this purpose and is highly effective in its performance.


Dose very small quantities of different shades so as not to cause contamination between colours.

i-mas product design managers collaborated with the customer on an innovative idea, to bring technology to improve reliability and repeatability to a process in the dental sector. It’s a manual process of mixing ceramic elements to achieve the appropriate coloration of dental pieces.


Comprehensive design of a revolutionary device in the field of dentistry

The project execution has involved the mechanical design of the machine to automate the process, the casing design, electronics design, the User Interface, and the packaging.

Final product

Achieving reliability and a ten-out-of-ten user experience

By applying the latest technology in areas ranging from design to the development of crucial factors such as User Experience and User Interface, we’ve managed to generate intuitive, clear, and easy-to-use control software. Which informs the user throughout the process about which phase it is in. With an attractive image that aligns with the market it serves, we ensure that the user enjoys a unique experience.


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