Anti-Covid Key

Designing for infection prevention in public spaces

The Anti-COVID key is a solidarity project of the i-mas Group to do our bit for society.

It is the design of a tool that helps prevent contagion and aims to join forces to facilitate a return to ‘normality’ as soon as possible. The downloadable file for printing at home is available on the website and we also offer the possibility to send the tool home free of charge.


Design a tool to prevent direct contact of people with surfaces in public spaces.

In the midst of an exceptional situation such as the pandemic, the i-mas team and PROTO&GO! wanted to develop a simple tool that would make it easier for people to perform everyday actions such as opening a door in a public space or pressing the lift button.


Development of a system for the prevention of contagion that could be manufactured at home with a 3D printer.

Analysing the market, a tool for everyday use was needed. The design was produced so that, as well as being manufactured and shipped from our workshop, those with a 3D printer at home could download the file and make their own anti-COVID key.

Final product

A solidarity product that allows people to move around public spaces without fear of contagion from contact with surfaces.

The result was a tool that avoided direct contact with surfaces in public spaces such as latches, cashiers or door handles. i-mas wanted to do its bit for society to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Llave Covid-19
Llave Covid-19
Llave Covid-19